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Fully automatic Power Control System which requires little to no user interface. The display is there to help the RV user understand power management and the function of the Midi-PCS. The Midi-PCS monitors the total AC current of an RV and prevents circuit breaker tripping by momentarily shedding up to five loads. As the user turns on additional appliances (such as a microwave, coffee pot, or hairdryer), the MidiPCS can shed the loads that it controls, (such as the water heater & air conditioner). As the user’s selected appliances are turned off, and a minimum of 2 minutes has expired, the Midi-PCS will automatically turn power back on each of the shed loads in reverse sequence, . The Midi-PCS will constantly monitor 120VAC RV power and shed and restore power to the five controlled loads. The display panel has all the brains, a data connector to the I/O module, and an additional connector to control the air conditioners through low voltage signals. The I/O Module houses

MIN-PCS 10126 HR VR4 2 00-10025